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A Q&A from Etaew's 7th March Livestream Answers Transcript.

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A Q&A from Etaew's 7th March Livestream Answers Transcript.

Post by wth on Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:30 pm

This is from the live stream the other day.

"Does the new scoring system in Gunslinger punish solo players?

We are actively punishing players who die a lot, so if you are a person who died a lot regardless of the
strategy, it will be a painful update for you and you will have to get good at surviving."

I understand that dieing isn't a very good strategy.

Some of us play on dead shards.
Some of us play in areas without a lot of population.
Some of us admit that the game, while being fun/great/wonderful, our most favoritest thing in the whole world, isn't real skruggin popular with a lot of the gaming community.
In fact, a lot of the game's player base has fled never to return and despite the churn, many newbs do the same thing.

Totally not the players fault. I don't care WHY, it just IS, but:

MUCH of that blame lies at the feet of TRION for gutting The Dev team.
Much of that blame also lies squarely on "The Design Team's" shoulders for lame design of a lot of game areas, game ambiance, DLC subjects, and game mechanics, rewards, payments, penalties and costs all introduced since launch. And, to be honest, a fair amount of ham-fisted social engineering trying to influence player strategies to include tactics that are counterproductive by imposing fines and penalties..

It leaves us with a shrinking player base.
And TRION managed to do something to the code that puts a lot of people randomly on the population-density equivalent of a virtual traffic jam in some cases, or a deserted island in others.

It's the players forced to and stuck on the deserted island thats going to be the problem with the Q&A in the topic.

I end up playing alone for a lot of reasons.
In addition to being stuck on a dead shard:

Some of us play at times there's just nobody around.
Some of us play alone because the grouping and cooperation in game mechanics is STILL pretty bad communication-wise. It aint natural, it aint easy, it aint efficient, and it just aint really working well enough for a lot of people to even want to try it anymore.

So some of us end up in Minor ArkEvents alone, because there just isn't anyone else. We put out calls, nobody comes. We start a minor ArkBreak with several people - we end up alone inside of one.
Hey: Design Team:
Hows about the Huntmasters and drones don't camp on the ammo and respawn sites I rez to?
You guys spawned me alone in there to begin with, hows about giving me a fighting chance before you pick my pocket and deem it my fault?
Give that a ponder while you have your morning coffee.

Some of us die at ArkEvents because we're alone. Some of us die at Hellion events, getting smashed into the ground over and over again, because there are fewer than 10 people for the hellion to chose from to stomp.

And now it's going to start costing us big if we play a deserted game, alone or in smaller groups.
Dieing is going to cost big.
Rewards playing alone will suxor.
Hey: Design Team:
You just designed a game mechanic insuring all those desolate areas remain desolate more of the time, while a lot of the player base solos places like Mt Tam, or IDR area.
Who is going to go scout areas of southern SanFran HOPING to find enough people to play with, so that they don't quit the day with less than they started with?

Well, swell, "Design Team".
Good ideas.
Lets make it more reasonable to log in, see no one or few people around, and just log back out.
It sure isn't going to take people long to see that when it costs way too much to play many desolate areas compared to the slim/no rewards from winning an event alone, you just convinced all those people who solo while waiting for an alternative - to just log back out.
Reducing the population density for anyone ELSE who logs in a moment later to see/chose from, and they log out.
Case in point:

How long do players wait in queue's for PvP, and SW's anymore? I remember conversations of people waiting hours and then logging off before anyone shows up.
I remember conversation of reducing the required number for SW's and PvP areas because there just weren't enough people queuing to get one started.


I lose incentive to play alone when I'm forced to play alone because rewards for playing alone are nerfed.
My penalties for playing alone when I'm forced to play alone are buffed.
And it's going to now cost me a shtako-tonne to add slots to weapons or buy the keys I don't 'win' anymore in solo events to redeem for blue weapons that I immediately salvage for a whole skruggin lot less than it cost me to acquire them.

See, THIS is why I mentioned "lame design of a lot of game areas, game ambiance, DLC subjects, and game mechanics all introduced since launch." about a half a page up above.

Is there really a point to play, anymore, when "The Design Team" making the game just don't really understand the concept of 'compelling game play'?
A lot of individual things in this game are 'hard' - not because it's challenging, but just because the game mechanics are designed to be repetitively annoying, because the 'challenging' part wasn't understood in the design phase.

Just like another answer in Etaew's 7th March Livestream Answers Transcript:

"Is there an update to the vehicles disappearing issue?

We have been able to somewhat capture that in a controlled circumstance. We have a much better idea about what causes that will make it easier to fix, it points to a very hard to fix issue so could be some time."
They can't fix the bug, because it's too hard to fix, so, forget it, they just aint gonna fix it in our lifetimes.
Get over it.

"The Design Team" just doesn't seem to be pulling in the same direction the player base who pays the bills is.
And it's getting harder and harder for the declining player base to keep dragging this pow towards the finish-line.
I'm already seeing some of my remaining friends logging in a whole lot less or 'not at all' since ESO weekend, and almost all of them say that they just don't see the point in it anymore.
[Plebeian27, you're one of them.]

I don't like it, my back is already against the wall, and that's a nasty badguy I'm about to fight alone, because... well, I'm alone.

And it's going to cost me a lot to play, today.

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