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 Firefall / commands

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PostSubject: Firefall / commands   Sat Jul 04, 2015 12:27 am

Some / commands for Firefall.

/exit Leaves the game and logs you out

/leavezone Puts the player in a different instance of the normal game world, or places the player back in the normal game world when they are in an instanced area.

/logout Takes you back to the character screen, but your account remains logged-in

/reloadui Reloads the "SIN" screen overlay, also known as the UI (User Interface) or HUD (Heads Up Display)

/unstuck Starts a timer that will perform a 'suicide' after 5 seconds of inactivity.
(When your character dies this way, your equipment is damaged for 10%)

/bask You spread arms wide and throw your head back, ready to bask in your own glory, speaking a proud remark

/calm You assume a calm stance (same animation as when other players use stations, like garage or printer)

/charge You point in front of you, declaring action!
/cheer You cheer on your comrades!

/chicken You cluck like a chicken!

/cry You hide your face in your hands and weep.

/dance You do a little dance and (usually) sing a little song.

/fear You tremble in fear!

/joke You tell a joke.

/laugh You laugh!

/no You shake your head, saying "No."

/roar You roar with bestial vigor!

/salute You stand at attention and salute.

/sit_chair You sit down, as if on a chair or bench directly behind you (otherwise, you sit in mid air)

/surprise You act surprised!

/taunt You assault the honor of someone in front of you.

/tikidance You do the same dance as you would if someone dropped a tiki torch near you.

/tired You look tired.

/utility You lean forward and tinker with stuff.

/wave You issue a friendly wave!

/whistle You whistle.

/townstand1 You strike a proud pose with your chest raised.

/townstand2 You strike a relaxed pose.

/townstand3 You strike a proud pose.

/townstand4 You strike a stern pose with arms crossed.

/townstand5 You strike a relaxed pose with both arms at your sides.

/yawn You yawn.

/lookself You inspect yourself.

/sneeze You do a roar stance and sneeze.

For the full list visit their website at this link.

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Firefall / commands
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