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Performance and the Future of PhysX Effects on warframe

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Performance and the Future of PhysX Effects on warframe

Post by wth on Tue Apr 04, 2017 1:09 pm

Found this today.

Greetings Tenno!

If you’ve kept up with some of [DE]Glen’s recent Developer Workshops, you may have heard of (and even kindly participated in) some of our attempts to isolate and investigate memory leaks that appeared to be related to Warframe’s PhysX Effects graphics feature. The conclusions from our distributed detective work was that NVIDIA drivers newer than version 373.06 were prone to leak large amounts of memory, causing performance problems and even crashes on some machines. Further investigation demonstrated that this behaviour wasn’t even specific to Warframe’s use of these effects, and may also occur with other game titles that use this feature.

On top of this result, we’ve also learned that future releases of PhysX (which Warframe uses internally to perform our physics simulations) may no longer support the module that enables PhysX Effects. So while we’ve made NVIDIA aware of these issues and have sought to find a resolution in the nearer term, it’s possible that NVIDIA’s shifting focus onto other newer technologies may spell the end of PhysX Effects in Warframe in the future.

As an immediate remedy for the sake of performance and stability, an upcoming hotfix will be disabling PhysX Effects on drivers newer than 373.06 until the issue is resolved. We remain hopeful that NVIDIA will continue to support PhysX Effects and are eager to work with them to find a way to work around the problems we're having.

In the slightly more distant future, we’ll continue looking for other ways to be able to provide players with visual effects of the same high level of fidelity and interactivity that we’ve been able to achieve with the help of technology like this. Ideally, we’re able to provide every platform with the same dazzling visuals that we've all come to love about Warframe, and with the awesome work that Steve and the other brilliant minds here have done with our custom accelerated particles over the years, we hope to be able to do just that... because the PhysX effects on capture targets are a visual meal upon which all eyes should be allowed to feast.

- [DE] Jengerer

P.S. You may have run into me in game, but if not, I’m Evgenii (don’t worry about the pronunciation). I’ve been a programmer here at Digital Extremes for about 2 years, mainly working with the physics-related components of our engine. Hope to see you all around some time!

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