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 Pb services info and fixes

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PostSubject: Pb services info and fixes   Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:30 am

First download the PBSVC.exe from

Pb services

Run the uninstaller for the services and then run the installer.This should help if you had a bad install to begin with on the pb services.

After this you will want to run the pbsetup up tool(new pb update tool)If you don't have this you can download this too from's the link for that.

Pb setup tool

Just make sure you create a new folder and rename that folder pbsetup.Then download the pbsetup tool to that folder.After you have it place this folder with the new setup tool in your my computer/c drive/program files folder.You can then open this pbsetup folder and run the tool from there.More instructions are on the linked page for the setuptool.

Once done make sure you allow the pnkbstr A and B files full access in your firewall.The above should take care of any problems with the update.

If the above doesn't work then you need to try this.First make sure you have followed and set up the pbsetup tool.Run the uninstaller for the Pbsvc.exe .Go into your cdrive/program files/EAgames/Battlefield 2 folder and look for your PB folder.Delete your PB folder and then run the pbsetup tool to rebuild your pb folder.Now run the installer for the pbsvc.exe and the run once again the pbsetup tool.This should take care of it if you were having on and off problems with it.

If after all this it still doesn't work.Make sure you have the pbset up tool and have it as instructed in a folder in your c/programs files folder.Run the Pbsvc.exe uninstaller.Look into your C/PROGRAM FILES/EA GAMES/BF2 folder.There should be a pb folder there.Delete it.Now run the pbsetup tool(this will in fact rebuild your BF2 pb folder from scratch and reinstall pb to BF2)Now after that install the pbsvc.exe once again.

A few other thing to help with this.

1 make sure you don't have a virus or bug on your system.This can cause hi jacking of the services and screw things up.

2 Make sure you allow full access to the PnkBstr A and B exe's in both your firewall and anti virus.These can cause either of these files not to update correctly and or communicate with PB's master server.It may even be necessary to turn off your firewall or anti virus or uninstall them  as there are some av/fw software that will cause a conflict with the PB services.

3 Goto your start button and then to the run tab(all programs/accessories/run on some os's).Type services.msc and then enter.In the box that pops up look for the PnkBstr A .exe make sure that is running and click on it and then goto properties.Make sure it is set to automatic.Could also check this during a game to make sure the PnkBstr B is also set to automatic.If they are not set to auto then change them to auto.

4 Communication error's are signs that you have security software blocking either the PnkBstr A or B exe.

5 Handshake errors are normally signs of corrupt installs of the services and or bad installs of client side PB files.

Here' some more info from PB on this.

Since the new components have been installed, I now get kicked from PunkBuster servers for "handshaking failed" or "Losing Key Packets", how can I fix that?

Some other software programs such as virus scanners, firewalls and Internet security software packages are suspicious of any new services and kernel drivers when they are first released. Some of these will block our new components thereby causing the "Losing Key Packets" kicking. Until these various packages are updated to correctly identify PnkBstrA.exe, PnkBstrB.exe, and PnkBstrK.sys as components of the PunkBuster Anti-Cheat System, players who experience PunkBuster kicks due to these conflicts need to either manually adjust the settings of the other software running on their system or disable the other software while playing on PunkBuster enabled servers. The new PunkBuster components make use of network resources and also frequently update files in the Windows system folders. This activity triggers warnings or blocks by some other security programs, some of which consider all unknown programs as threats or malware. Our new components are simply extensions of the existing PunkBuster system using new services and kernel software drivers, and are each signed with Verisign / Authenticode digital signatures for verifiable authenticity purposes. Most major security packages do not block our new components; users with other software that causes these conflicts should contact the vendor of their security package and request an update to correct this conflict.

What exactly does the PnkBstrA service do?

We have moved part of PunkBuster's auto-update functionality into the PnkBstrA service. This service is used by PunkBuster to update other PunkBuster components in the background while users are playing our supported games with PunkBuster enabled. By moving this functionality and others into services and drivers, the part of PunkBuster that runs inside the game no longer needs Administrator rights.

What other components does PnkBstrA update?

There are currently two other new components, another service called PnkBstrB and a kernel driver called PnkBstrK. These are not installed by the PBSVC Setup Program. They are installed and/or updated on the fly by PnkBstrA when a game is launched with PunkBuster enabled. PnkBstrB and PnkBstrK help PunkBuster look for cheats while users are playing on PunkBuster enabled servers.

To read more just use this link.
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Pb services info and fixes
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