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Siege Scoring System

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Siege Scoring System

Post by wth on Tue Nov 26, 2013 10:21 am

Kurpie and I were talking about the scoring system and I found this today on the Defiance forums.Kind of sounds about right so here's what they said.

Siege Scoring System

   Couldn't find this anywhere, so I'm going to post what I think is the setup of the scoring system at Sieges because I think others are interested. Will try to correct and update as needed, so if you find something that doesn't look right, let me know! And if someone in the know at Trion wants to chime in, by all means PLEASE!

   For Volge Sieges, all enemies have a base score amount and there are two bonuses awarded at the time of the kill. The base score is divided between all the players who damaged the enemy based on the amount of damage they did. Damage done by turrets is also divided up, but turret damage is evenly divided between all players who did any damage to that enemy according to Siege Master and has nothing to do with who does turret upgrades.

   The primary bonus consists of one or more of the following: Kill (10%), Cappoint Attack or Defense Kill (another 20%), or Rescue Kill (another 30%) and only go to to the person with the killshot (not 100% verified yet). It is always applied to the full base score of the enemy and not reduced for damage done by others. An Assist, Turret Assist, or Turret Kill are not bonuses (they are all forms of assists) and just represent how many points you received from the enemy's base score based on your damage and/or a turret's damage (however they often include a secondary bonus amount in that number).

   The secondary bonus is for the number of cappoints controlled at the time of the kill so it ranges from 0-30% (0% for no cappoints controlled, 10% for one, 20% for two, 30% for all points controlled). This is applied to all the points you received from the kill (or assist) including the primary bonus.

   The base points for the different enemy types are:

   Trooper - 400
   Elite Trooper - 800
   Bomber - 1000
   Elite Bomber - 1200
   Viscera - 2000
   Elite Viscera - 3000


   A) a solo kill on an Elite Trooper in cappoint range with 3 cappoints controlled = 1352

   800 for 100% of base score
   80 for 10% kill bonus
   160 for 20% cappoint attack or defend bonus
   312 for 30% secondary (cappoint control) bonus [(800 + 80 + 160) x .30]

   B) person A does the first 95% damage to a Bomber, and person B gets the last 5% on a regular killshot (outside of cappoint range) with 2 cappoints controlled.

   Person A gets 1140
   950 for 95% of base score
   190 for 20% secondary bonus

   Person B gets 180
   50 for 5% of base score
   100 for 10% kill bonus
   30 for 20% secondary bonus


   Heal Assists: I do not have any research or numbers at this time. Put those BMGs away and join the fight with a real weapon, dam nit! Hopefully others can help me fill this in.

   From Deunan: "The maximum Heal Assist Score for a Viscera Elite appears to by 975 and for regular Viscera it's 650. While the caps are low you can score over 30,000 points because you can get points for multiple assists at the same time if you have enough links."

   It sounds like the heal assist score is 1/4 of the Volge's base score so I'd expect it goes Trooper 100, Elite Trooper 200, Bomber 250, Elite Bomber 300, Viscera 500, Elite Viscera 750 and then a possible 10-30% secondary bonus (based on cappoints controlled) on top of that.


   Finally, some of the scoring descriptions are vague so I'm guessing these mean the following (please correct me if you find otherwise):

   Rescue Kill - An enemy killed within x meters of an ally (including turrets) with low health (less than half?)
   Turret Kill - You get an assist for an enemy killed by a Turret
   Turret Assist - You get an assist for an enemy killed by another player that a turret also contributed damage towards (you must have damaged the enemy too, so if this description is used instead of just Assist then it might mean the turret's share of damage points was more than your own)

   Also, thanks to Nilxain for your help in this research!

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